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Frequently Asked Questions

PTYD is the best zero waste meal delivery service on the market. Our meals are completely organic, plant-based, and made from real whole food ingredients - no weird additives allowed. 

You can rely on us for quality and convenience that is hard to find elsewhere. 

Are you quality conscious and care about the integrity of food going into your body? You can rely on us to prepare food you can trust. 

Our mission is to delivery a high quality experience that saves you time, is good for you and good for our planet. 

No. All meals are prepared for you and ready to eat. If you prefer to heat your soup or entrees, we recommend using a stovetop method for nutritional integrity. Most meals are designed to be eaten straight from the jar, however, salads are best mixed in a bowl. 

Yes, Prep to Your Door meals are 100% vegan / plant-based. All meals are meat free, dairy free, gluten free, preservative free, and organic.

Prep To Your Door *OIL FREE* recipes have no extracted oils, such as olive oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, etc.

Each week, your meals are delivered in glass jars and a reusable insulated bag. We collect these materials every week to sanitize and reuse. Unlike other meal delivery options, you do not throw away any packaging from PTYD.

Our kitchen is also zero waste. Using creative cooking, composting, and food diversion programs, we do not throw away any food.

Every week when we drop off your next delivery, we’ll collect your old items to be reused or composted.


1. Rinse & collect all packaging
2. Leave packaging in your green bag on your doorstep
3. Our team will collect upon your next delivery

return of reusable jars & bottles


• Please rinse glass jars & bottles. This expedites the sanitation process & keeps our team healthy!
• Certain items arrive in 100% compostable packaging. If you don’t have compost – return these items & we’ll compost for you!
• Return your Siete Chip bags! Siete will repurpose the empty bags.

If you pause or skip a week, hold on to your packaging – we’ll collect upon your next delivery. If you choose a one-time-order or decide to cancel, we’ll schedule a final collection & send you a reminder!

We focus on creating a whole foods plant-based menu every week. Our recipes are completely free of preservatives, additives, and other chemicals commonly found in processed foods. Every ingredient used in Prep to Your Door meals is completely organic & vegan / plant-based.

Yes. Our promise to you is to source completely organic ingredients. Organic is important to our mission because it is healthier for our planet, soil, and ultimately our bodies.

We aim to source as much of our fresh produce from local, organic, Texas farms as possible.

Yes. Each week you will receive a new menu with each recipes nutritional information.

No. Under each meal on the menu, you will find a “buy once” order option. This will allow you to purchase items without subscribing. However, subscriptions do offer discounted rates. 

We recommend eating your meals within 5-7 days of delivery. Because our meals are truly fresh and additive free, eating them within one week of delivery is best.

An order minimum of $10 is required, but otherwise, you can order any number of meals. If you choose to subscribe, your cart will automatically update each week with the same number of meals consisting of the same or similar items. You can always edit the items or the quantity before your subscription order processes on the Wednesday prior to your next delivery date at 11pm.

Prep To Your Door ready-to-eat meals start at $14.99 per jar, however discounts do apply for subscribing or purchasing enough items to qualify for higher tier discounts. The more you buy, the more you save! We also offer numerous beverage and snack options. 

Our menu changes every week. Every week, you can order from a wide variety of recipes. We offer smoothies, breakfast options, entrees, salads, and soup for delivery every week. We also offer products from local vendors including nut milks, vegan cookies, and more!

We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you order a meal and do not like it, or have any issues, we will refund you or credit your account to apply on your next order if you are a regular subscriber. 

Go to and enter your zipcode to see a current menu. From there you can add meals to your cart and checkout. If you are already a subscriber, log-in to your account and click on the drop down menu in the top right corner to find “My Subscription”. From here you can add additional meals to your cart from the menu, or you can edit your existing order from the cart itself or the manage subscriptions page. With a subscription, your selections will automatically be replaced each week with the same or similar items unless you log-in to edit. 

We deliver to Austin and Houston zip codes on Sundays between 10am-6pm. Customers who reside in select central Austin locations also can choose Monday between 9am-2pm for delivery. At this time, we are unable to accommodate specific delivery time requests, but we will send you an ETA via text prior to your delivery. 

Greater Austin, including West Lake, Bee Caves, Spicewood, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, Buda & Katy.

Houston, inside and near the 610 loop.

If you’re unsure we deliver to you, type in your zip code on the home page of If we do not service your zip code, you will receive an error message. If this is the case, reach out to us and let us know you are interested in us expanding to your area!

Entrees, breakfast options, and smoothies come in 16oz jars. Salads come in 24oz jars. 

Meals are intended to serve one. However, some of our heartier meals, especially our oats, can feed two. 

No. Smoothies are pre-prepped but you have to blend them. Store them in your freezer until you are ready to consume. Simply add your preferred liquid (nut milk, water, coconut water, etc.), blend in a blender, and enjoy.

Yes. Every week, when we drop your new delivery, we pick up your old bag and jars. This is how we achieve our mission of zero packaging waste.

If you cancel, we will schedule a final pick up. We will always send a reminder text!

$2 per jar, $2 per lid, $10 per bag, $5 per ice pack

If you forget to place your items outside, just let us know!

You do not need to be home to receive your meals. Our delivery system is a contactless, doorstep drop off.

Your meals are delivered in an insulated bag with an ice pack, and will keep your meals fresh for up to 2-3 hours depending on the time of year.

You will receive notification texts to keep you up to date with your delivery driver and drop off time.

Yes. You can always confirm with our customer service team at 512.522.9294 or [email protected] to confirm that you are eligible for Monday delivery.

Yes, skip as many weeks as you like without penalty.

To skip, simply login to your account, click the drop down menu in the top right corner, click ‘My Subscription’ and then select ‘Manage Plan’. On the calendar, select the date you would like to skip and click ‘skip this order’. Hang on to your empty jars, bags, and ice packs. We will pick them up at the time of your next delivery.

Upon cancellation, we will contact you to schedule a pick up the week following your final delivery. 

If you skip a week, just hold on to your materials and we will pick up on your next delivery.

Yes! Each week you will have the opportunity to edit your subscription for your upcoming delivery. You can add or subtract items at that time. 

No. We release a new menu every week.

Each week, you can select from 6 PTYD recipes as well as an array of other items like smoothies, kombuchas, vegan cheeses etc. We have over 100 different PTYD recipes which are in rotation depending on season and local farm availability.

Yes, starting the day after your previous delivery and up until Wednesday @ 11pm prior to your next delivery, you can log in to your account and select which meals you would like to arrive at your door. 
1. Log in to your account

2. From the drop down menu in the top right corner choose ‘my subscription’

3. From here you can see the items already set to come your way in your shopping cart which populates in the top right corner of the page. You can edit the amounts of each items directly in your cart or add new items from the menu. You can also delete or edit amounts of each meal under ‘manage subscription’.

No. We cannot substitute or remove individual ingredients. However, because most of our meals are layered in jars, it is usually easy to remove undesired ingredients, especially in salads.

All are completely plant-based, organic, and gluten free.

All meals should be stored in your refrigerator until consumption. Smoothies should be kept in the freezer.

Yes, a $10 delivery fee is applied on each delivery to help pay our drivers as well as sanitize and reuse every jar.


Yes! When creating your first order, you will be asked to choose a fulfillment type (scheduled delivery or store pick up). You can also edit the fulfillment choice associated with your subscription anytime by clicking on the drop-down menu in the top right corner, choosing ‘my subscription’. From here you can change the fulfillment method ongoing from ‘subscription settings’. Or navigate to ‘manage plan’. where you can use the calendar to edit the method on specific dates only. You will be able to choose ‘store pick up’ for Sundays or Mondays between 10am-4pm. Pick up is currently from our Austin HQ only located at 507 Calles St. Ste 100, Austin, TX 78702. Delivery fees will be waived for pick ups!

Yes! To edit the fulfillment method on your subscription, click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the website and choose “My Subscription”. Then click on “Subscription Plan Settings”. From this page, you can edit the fulfillment method in your “Plan Details”. Only want to edit the fulfillment method for one week? You can do so from the delivery calendar located under “My Subscription” → “Manage Plan”. Click on the date in the calendar you would like to edit and select the fulfillment type you would like for that week only. 

Yes! You will receive 3% back on all purchases which you can apply to future orders.

We do our best to source our produce locally whenever possible. Some of our favorite local producers include Gunderman Acres, Village Farms, Buena Tierra Farms, Bouldin Food Forest, and Saul Creek Farms, among others. 

Login to your account, click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner, and select ‘refer a friend’ to send your referral link. Both you and a friend will receive a discount on your next order!

We love hearing from you!  To provide feedback on PTYD meals, from, select the drop-down menu in the top right corner and choose ‘meal feedback’ to access a quick meal survey. For all other feedback, you can join our Member’s Facebook Group or you can always email, call, or text us!

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