• Naomi Perryman

5 Ways to Utilize Food as Medicine

It’s my guess you’ve heard this before: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Hippocrates may be the Father of Western Medicine, but never in history has allopathic medicine strayed farther from this principle.

In fact the majority of MDs today have zero training in nutrition and therefore

no reason to talk to their patients about diet. I don’t blame them- they are experts in a thousand other areas and have enough on their plates as it is.

There are plenty of other people that can help on a holistic health front. Here’s some examples:

  • Naturopathic Doctors

  • Functional Medicine Doctors

  • Chiropractors

  • Acupuncturists

  • Nutritionists

  • Health Coaches

Something I’ve learned from my personal brush with chronic illness is it’s my job to keep myself healthy.

Believe me when I say the #1 way to do this is through food! Everyone is different, so investing time and energy into exploring your individual needs will pay off.

Here are 5 tips to experiment with:

1. Eat more vegetables, especially greens and green juices!

Microscopically speaking chlorophyll from green plants has a near identical structure to the hemoglobin in our blood. Some of the benefits of chlorophyll are enumerated here.

2. Cut out sugar! When I’m not feeling well the first thing I do

is reduce or eliminate sugar from my diet- especially in the form or processed sugar, alcohol & baked goods. Whether you’ve got the sniffles or chronic pain and inflammation, sometimes what you don’t eat is just as important as what you do eat. Eliminating food that’s irritating your condition or creating inflammation in your body automatically improves your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients so that you have the energy needed to heal. If cold turkey isn't your style, try gradually crowding out refined sugar by using more nutritious foods like honey, maple syrup, fruit, dark chocolate & sweet-tasting vegetables.

3. Experiment with herbs and spices in your food and beverages.

I believe herbs utterly unique flavors are indicative of the rare benefits they contain. Also, let me dispel the myth that healthy food is bland! Using fresh and dried herbs and spices in your cooking will make your food delicious!

4. Soup! Warming, comforting and nutritious, well-cooked foods like soup

are also easy to digest- so healing soup and stews aren’t just an old wives’ tale.

5. Many fresh fruits are natural sources of vitamin C and antioxidants.

I especially gravitate to berries and citrus, as the antioxidant & micronutrient content balance out the natural sugar content.

Naomi Perryman is a Personal Chef and Health Coach in Austin, TX. Like the folks at Prep to Your Door, she believes that connecting busy people with local food unlocks the power of whole foods to help us feel better, have more energy, and engage deeply with our lives and the larger world around us.

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