• Naomi Perryman

3 Truths Evident In Our Growing Hunger For Convenience

I can’t help but notice lately how my opinion of the word convenient has gone downhill. It always sounds enticing, but the question that inevitably comes up is: at what cost? There’s a shadow following that word around. I still want it, but I don’t really want anyone to know, and I feel a need to justify it when I seek it out.

One reason convenience has earned its bad reputation comes from the use

of the word in things like “convenience foods” which is a euphemism for fast food or pre-prepared food, bringing to mind empty calories, underpaid workers, factory farms, industrialized food systems and islands of plastic trash.

What this accounting of convenience doesn't take into consideration is

why we have a need for it to begin with. The reason I need convenience is because I need help. On-the-regular support and assistance in the daily ins & outs of my life. How do I take care of myself, my loved ones and my work every day? How do I do this in a way that aligns with who I am and what I value?

How do I do this in a way that doesn’t just maintain the status quo in my life and the world around me, but supplies room and energy to grow?

Then there are companies like PTYD, and other groups of their ethos

(like Kiss the Ground, one of my other favs :-D), that are different, and are offering an alternative to all that. The reason I say this is not to shill, but to point out that there are solutions that work for both people and the planet, and that the only real solutions have got to work for both.

There’s not one answer to this question, there are many, because the answer is:

you don’t have to do it alone! Maybe you’re someone who feels you need to do it all yourself, or maybe you’re someone who excels at knowing when to call in the reinforcements. Truth is, nothing survives in a vacuum (except Water Bears), and the lesson that convenience teaches us is that we depend on each other.

So to recap quickly:

1. You don’t have to do it all alone.

2. There are people and services out there that are creating solutions for the large problems we're facing.

3. Our interdependence with each other and the planet is our greatest resource.

Naomi Perryman is a Personal Chef and Health Coach in Austin, TX. She’s learned a lot over the years from people & places including The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts (Vegan & Macrobiotic cooking school), The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (holistic health coaching), and Hands of the Earth Farm. Like the folks at Prep to Your Door, she believes that connecting busy people with local food unlocks the power of whole foods to help us feel better, have more energy, and engage more deeply with our lives and the larger world around us.

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