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8 People Who're Gonna Give You Life-Changing Health Advice

Last weekend at the 2019 conference for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I was lucky enough to witness amazing, cutting-edge speakers in areas pertaining to all aspects of health.

The 2019 theme was Transforming Health. I want to connect you to the people & material so you can feel as inspired and empowered as I do! Here are the 8 speakers from Day 1 with links to more information.

See if anybody feels like they are speaking directly to you (the way that I did!).

Pilar Girasamo

We live in a world that’s become insane and going along with the status quo= declining health. Her website explains in length the term she coined called Healthy Deviance. There I pre-ordered her book and took a fun free quiz. She also has a podcast called The Living Experiment.

Dr. Andrew Weil

His book Mind Over Meds references the common illnesses that are over-prescribed medication and provides alternative, functional treatments that are highly effective. He informed me of a phenomenon called the Homeostatic Trap by which prescription drugs interacting with our biology may begin to prolong and intensify the symptoms we are attempting to alleviate in the first place. He also led us through the easiest breathing exercise ever for sleep and relaxation.

Robyn Youkilis

She is a health coach who provides a lot of good content on how to improve your gut health in service of sustainable weight loss and honing your gut instincts.

Cora Poage

A health coach who helps people experience heaven on earth. The level of compassion she offers her clients as she inches them towards clarity is wonderful to watch (-:

Michelle Maldonado

Created her company to help people and businesses re-integrate with the powerful tools of vulnerability, gratitude and being present. On Saturday she taught me that my presence in another person's life matters, and that gratitude is the antidote to believing you are stuck in your own suffering.

Leslie Salmon Jones & Jeff Jones

Incredible co-creators of Afro Flow Yoga

Introduced me to the concepts of Sankofa meaning “go back and fetch” the wisdom of your ancestors, and Ubunta “I am because we are”, meaning we are all interconnected- our fates and our health depend on each other.

They recommended reading this book Heal Thyself .

Dr. Terry Wahls

This badass lady reversed her irreversible Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and now shares her methods with her books The Wahls Protocol & Minding My Mitochondria. Formerly banned by the National MS Society for her “radical vegetable” based approach, her next clinical trial is being funded by, you guessed it, The National MS Society :-D

Sahara Rose

Bringing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to Millenials and beyond! Worth checking out is her The Highest Self podcast, which is currently number one in the Wellness category.

Naomi Perryman is a Personal Chef and Health Coach in Austin, TX. She’s learned a lot over the years from people & places including The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts (Vegan & Macrobiotic cooking school), The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (holistic health coaching), and Hands of the Earth Farm. Like the folks at Prep to Your Door, she believes that connecting busy people with local food unlocks the power of whole foods to help us feel better, have more energy, and engage more deeply with our lives and the larger world around us.

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